Chuck Lawson – 7 Reasons Why “Just OK is not OK” in God’s Work


Chuck Lawless – Following God: A Challenging Illustration


Periodically, I’ll post some links that I have found to be interesting and relevant to the church. I don’t necessarily agree with everything in all of them, might not agree with the overall stance of organization represented, and sometimes it might be something so WRONG that it just needs to be aired; however, I’ll post them so that readers of our website might see some of the things that are having an effect in the church today. – Bill Pitcher, Interim Pastor, First Baptist Church

This one is from Mark Dever, the pastor of Capitol Hill Baptist Church:

I found this one to be pretty pointed

This one is helpful to those trying to understand how we got the 66 books we believe to be the inspired Word of God.

This video complements a number of this fall’s sermons

This blog from the Gospel Coalition speaks to a point I often try to make about being careful of the information we share:



June, 2015

This is a complex issue with which the church NEEDS to be conversant.  The title of the article may be a bit misleading, but the article is sound in its theology.