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The Old and the New

  This message from Mark 15:33-41 Parallel Passages : Matt. 27, Luke 23, John 19

The Final Insults

This message is from Mark (even though I misspoke and said Matthew) 15:21-32, dealing with the path to the cross, and the hours leading to His death.

A Tragedy Brewing

  This week we look at the first 15 verses of chapter 15 of Mark, Jesus appearing before Pilate.  

Peter’s Denial

In this final pericope of Mark 14, we see Peter in a most remarkable failure. The good news is, the Bible is a book of redemption. Stay tuned for more of the story in the coming weeks.  

A Kangaroo Court

  In this passage, Jesus faces false accusations and condemnation from the High Priest.

Facing the Betrayer

    Mark 14: 43-52 deals with Judas coming and marking Jesus with the kiss of death. We also have an interesting cameo view of someone. Just who was that young man?

Moving Toward the Cross

  This message text is Mark 14:26-42. It is a rather long text, recounting Jesus’ agonizing time of prayer in the Garden of Gethsemane.