As we look toward the beginning of the Easter Season, lets focus on the important things.  We have no problem with eggs, hats, baskets or such things as long as they’re kept in perspective; but remember that the critical issue is the resurrection of our Lord.

In an attempt to keep our focus where it should be, I suggest that everyone make a point to read the complete story of the death and resurrection.

The Triumphal Entry which we celebrate on Palm Sunday is found in all four Gospels.  In Matthew, it begins in chapter 21; in Mark, chapter 11; in Luke it’s 19:28; and in John it’s in chapter 13.

The Last Supper, commemorated on Maundy Thursday, follows shortly thereafter and the accounts of Jesus death, burial and resurrection can  be found in beginning in Matthew 26:47, Mark 14:43, Luke 22:47 and John 19:1.

All of that reading can be done in about an hour’s time.  It’s a small investment with a great benefit.