There is a time to remain silent and a time to speak. Maybe I’ve remained silent too long about some of the things going on within our nation and within our state. I am concerned for the condition and the future of both. Recent and pending legislation in NY has provoked much concern. There is plenty of information and at least as much opinion being shared about these things; but I wish to address a different side of the problem. I’ll do so in three parts.

First, it is our duty as Christians, per Paul’s instruction in 1 Timothy 2:1 that we are to make “supplications, prayers, intercessions, and thanksgivings” for all people including “kings and all who are in high positions.” The result of this should be that we lead “peaceful and quiet” lives in a totally “godly and dignified” fashion.

I confess that I have found it increasingly difficult to pray for many, if not most of our leaders; but I must do that—and must do it more often and more diligently. I must pray for even those leaders with whom I vehemently disagree. In a day when our state government is increasingly bent toward a progressive agenda—progressing toward the elimination of anything standing on God’s Word and His values; progressing toward lawlessness by eliminating criminal responsibility for actions; progressing toward destruction of family values, biological gender identity, parental rights and a host of other matters—I still must pray for them.

With those thoughts in mind, I urge believers to pray along these lines:

  • Pray for those in government who do hold to Biblical values, and the traditional family values which stem from Scripture. Pray that they not be bullied and coerced into complying with those things against their faith.
  • Pray for those who are following, or leading, in this progressive movement. Pray that the truth of God’s Word will confront them, convict them and change them.
  • Pray that all in government give an ear to those organizations, lobbyists and individuals who challenge this warped agenda to which they hold.

Second, it is our duty to be Biblically knowledgeable. Its not enough to say that it’s wrong to allow abortions; we must know why it’s wrong. It’s not enough to say that gay, lesbian transgender lifestyles are wrong; we must be able to explain why. With that, we must be able to answer the critics in clear, reasoned, and non-hostile terms, remembering that they are being fooled by the enemy, Satan himself. This is not our battle and not a physical, or virtual, battle; it is true spiritual warfare. A review of Ephesians chapter 6 may be in order.

Third and finally, we must keep in mind that all of us are sinners and Jesus died for all, even those who are acting in such a visibly ungodly manner. They, like us, need Jesus. To change our state and our nation we must show the light of Christ. Only he changes hearts; changed hearts change lives; changed lives change opinions and actions. Changed lives also bring courage to stand up for right, rather than follow what is wrong. Pray for the repentance of those who act in ways that are distressing us in these trying times. In this battle, we must remain godly, peaceful and dignified. Engage in the battle where we can and where we must; but remain Christ-like in all we do.

Rev. William S. Pitcher

Pastor, First Baptist Church of Amsterdam.