As the events concerning the pandemic continue to unfold, the leadership of First Baptist Church will continue to monitor the best information available and react accordingly. Though we did cancel our @ Rise Youth Group on Monday for some logistical reasons, we do plan to meet for prayer and Bible Study on Wednesday evening.

There is no plan, at present, to cancel our Sunday morning worship, though many other churches have chosen to do so. 

We are neither experts in disease, nor in politics, and will therefore not enter into discussions on those matters. We will not critique those churches whose leaders choose to make decisions contrary to our own.  We will make all decisions based upon the way God directs us.

Meanwhile, do not turn inward. Check on your neighbors; call some folks from church to see how they’re doing; connect with local authorities if you are in good health and can provide delivery service for food and/or medicine for those who cannot get out.

First Baptist is now linked with the Southern Baptist Disaster relief system to aid in helping out with such delivery systems. If you can help out, contact Pastor Bill at

Whatever is going on around us, remember that we serve the sovereign God, who does have all things under His control. Many times, God had to remind Joshua to “be strong and courageous” (Josh. 1:6, among other places) It’s OK if you need to reach out to others for that encouragement and it is fitting that we reach out to remind our fellow believers of the same thing.