There have been a couple recent questions about special offerings. Easter is the time of year for both the start of baby bottle offerings for Alpha Pregnancy and the designated giving for the Annie Armstrong offering for the North American Mission Board of the SBC.

In the craziness of the last weeks, these things have been overlooked, and neither was put in motion. However, for those interested, you may still send a check to the church, 479 Guy Park Ave. Amsterdam 12010, with designation for whichever special offering it is for.

We also encourage giving by way of your bank’s online bill-paying system. In most systems, you should be able to designate that it’s a special gift. In addition to that, we are now connected to, an online giving app for either your computer or your smart-phone. We (Pastor Bill and Peggy) have been using our bank for direct payment of our giving for several years. We’ve additionally signed up for the app and have used it a couple times without issue.

We fully understand that these may be tough times for some financially. This is not a plea for funds; but we want to be sure that those wishing to give have the most streamlined way of doing so.

Speaking of tough times, if you are in need, please reach out to one of our deacons: Terry Smith, Ken Aucompaugh or Seth Bunker.