~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~COVID 19 INFORMATION and TIMELINE~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

FEELING OVERWHELMED?   Call the BGEA Prayer Line 24/7 at 888-388-2683  A special 24 hour phone number that will connect you to someone from the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association. This has been an unprecedented time in our history with fear and frustration being very real for many.  Here is a link to the home page: https://billygraham.org/ where you can click on “Get real resources for such a time as this.”  



Our services in church meet NYS  and Federal guidelines. Please use hand sanitizer (provided) and wear your mask upon entering. You make take your mask off once seated at your pew. Wear it again upon exiting your pew.  If you choose to sit in the sanctuary, please sit closest to the end of a pew with green paper marking the end. This will give 6′ between you and the person in the next pew. Please speak up politely if someone sits too close to you! Some larger families may need to use the ends of two separate pews to be able to sit together. If you bring a guest, make sure they are safely seated.

There is no coffee fellowship but you are encouraged to “meet and greet” outside after the service. Thank you for your cooperation.  🙂

Current worship services, recorded, are posted on the home page, and all past sermons and many prayer meetings from this time of COVID 19 isolation are now available by clicking on “Links to Past Sermons Since Covid 19”  Some earlier prayer meetings are also located there.

We will continue Facebook LIVE only for the Sunday Service and it will still be recorded and a link to it in the Announcements on the Home Page. Why not share our homepage with a friend? Prayer meeting is no longer being recorded. Only those people  who have provided an  address will be receiving the prayer list via email. Paper copies are available here at church. 

11-29-20  We are finally able to meet at 50%!  Please continue to wear follow the guidelines. Remember that when YOU wear a mask, you are protecting the other person more than yourself. If we all wear masks, we are protecting each other. It’s the least we can do!  For Christmas Eve we may change the overflow area somewhat to safely accommodate more people. This will be temporary.

6-28-20  Our NYS Governor said we are in Phase 4 and can now have 33% of our legal capacity in attendance.  Therefore our worship service can now serve over 60 people (includes the overflow.)  However, an interesting article here: https://abcnews.go.com/US/wireStory/judge-blocks-25-capacity-rule-religious-services-ny-71480425 may prove interesting in the future.

6-7-20 NY State’s governor  announced yesterday afternoon that churches can meet at 25% of their legal capacity. Our legal “chapel” capacity is 204 so we can hold 51 people! An email was sent out that evening and word was spread so that we had 28 people in attendance this morning!!  Social distancing guidelines are still in effect. Drive-In church will still be available for tomorrow’s service. Please read the Current Schedule on the left.

Many thanks to our volunteers who initially cleaned and disinfected the sanctuary, overflow room and lobby (including restrooms.) The Trustees have appointed Rhonda to head up this weekly project.

6-2-20 Youth Group RISE will begin meeting in the church parking lot next Tuesday evening at 6:30. Social distancing is required as are masks. If you don’t have one, one will be supplied.  Individual refreshments will be served.

5-28-20  The word is out! We are now able to meet in our parking lot for church for Sunday Worship. Masks and hand sanitizer are required if you need the rest rooms in the building. All other areas are off limits. Please read all signs and follow all directions for parking.

4-19-20: Youth Group will begin ZOOM meeting on Tuesday night this week.

3-20-20:  Due to COVID 19, we have had to suspend meeting at the church until given the all clear by the County and/or State. All meetings will be on Facebook LIVE. You may access the live session even if you don’t have a Facebook account by going to this website and clicking on the Facebook logo. Ignore the request for “Log In” and “Create Account”, then scroll down to the LIVE video. These recordings will be available by link on this page and in Email shortly after we conclude each service. If you would like to be on our Email list, you can contact Pastor Bill at wpitcher@nycap.rr.com