Father’s Day Criteria

(Adapted from Titus 1:5-9)

by Dr. Allen D. Ferry, 1998


A father must be blameless as a manager of his children for God.


A father must not be arrogant but sensitive in leading his children to make good decisions, not forcing on them his own ideas and opinions.

A father must not be quickly angered but one who controls his own spirit and thus one who demonstrates the fruitfulness of the Spirit filled life before his children.

A father must not be bonded to booze but one who spends long periods of time with Christ so that it is evident to his children that Christ is the greatest influence in his life.

A father must not be quarrelsome but tender and compassionate toward his children so that they might see the love and patience of God through him.

A father must not be a lover of money but one who finds contentment in God’s provisions so that his children might learn to appreciate eternal values more than temporal pleasures.

A father must be hospitable and enjoy opening his home and heart to his children’s friends so that they will be attracted rather than repelled by his attitudes and beliefs.

A father must be a lover of what is good in his children and offer gentle correction of their faults so that virtue is cultivated and error is diminished.

A father must be in control of himself so that his children know that this fruit of the Spirit is present in his life.

A father must be just so that his children can understand right from wrong by his personal lifestyle.

A father must be holy so that his children can see and follow his love for Christ and his hatred of sin.

A father must be able to control his sexual desires so that his children can respect him and have a model of purity to follow into adulthood.

A father must hold tightly to the faithful word so that he may be able, by healthy teaching, to encourage proper behavior and correct improper behavior in his children.


10 Thing I Wish Everyone Knew About Southern Baptists

Russell Moore ponders what society tends to believe about Southern Baptists.  From the webpage:  “But some think that Southern Baptists think the judgment of God is reserved for people who don’t believe or behave like we do.  That’s far from true.”


John Newton on Hearing Sermons

Lisa LaGeorge ponders the warnings of John Newton in this blog piece.  From the webpage:  “Newton describes that Satan makes much advantage of dividing ministers, of using envy or dislike to set them against each other.  What would he have said if he had seen today’s Twitter wars(sic), blasting blogs, and tense conference platforms?”


Did Jesus Go to Hell Before His Resurrection?

From the webpage: “There are essentially two views as to where Jesus went the three days His body was in the grave before His resurrection.  One view is that He went to Hades (hell), and the other is that He went to Heaven.


A Coalition for Biblical Sexuality

From the webpage: “Preaching the gospel of no-fault divorce and the gospel of marriage unbound from its natural purposes, liberationism has weakened, not strengthened, the institution of marriage. And as a result, participation in marriage, a major correlated factor of wealth and well-being, has decreased.”


Greear: Ordinary People Called to Spread the Gospel

From the webpage:

“Jesus’ plan for reaching the world is not gathering large groups of people to bask in the anointing of one prophetic teacher,” said Greear, pastor of The Summit Church in the Raleigh-Durham, N.C., area, who once worked for the International Mission Board.

“His Plan A is raising up ordinary people in the power of the Spirit and sending them out,” Greear said.

Click the link above to read the whole article.


Christian Basics – Truth for Life – Alistair Begg

From the webpage: “To be a Christian is to declare that Jesus is Lord.  His Lordship affects both our minds, teaching us what to believe, and our morals, changing the way we live.” – Pastor Alistair Begg

Click the link above to have access to Alistair’s Christian Basics 5 Message study.  Topics include:  Christian Living, The Church, Faith, and Salvation.


Bill Mounce “The Path” – For an Informed Love of God Greek Language video learning suite

From the webpage: “Our introductory sale is almost over. Our new video lectures over every chapter of Basics of Biblical Greek, and our new screencasts over every chapter of the workbook, are $50 off until February 28. You can learn the language of the New Testament, and these resources will help, for only $149.”


Chuck Lawson – 7 Reasons Why “Just OK is not OK” in God’s Work


Chuck Lawless – Following God: A Challenging Illustration


Periodically, I’ll post some links that I have found to be interesting and relevant to the church. I don’t necessarily agree with everything in all of them, might not agree with the overall stance of organization represented, and sometimes it might be something so WRONG that it just needs to be aired; however, I’ll post them so that readers of our website might see some of the things that are having an effect in the church today. – Bill Pitcher, Interim Pastor, First Baptist Church

This one is from Mark Dever, the pastor of Capitol Hill Baptist Church:

I found this one to be pretty pointed

This one is helpful to those trying to understand how we got the 66 books we believe to be the inspired Word of God.

This video complements a number of this fall’s sermons

This blog from the Gospel Coalition speaks to a point I often try to make about being careful of the information we share:



June, 2015

This is a complex issue with which the church NEEDS to be conversant.  The title of the article may be a bit misleading, but the article is sound in its theology.