7-12-20  Sunday Worship:  “The Great Reminder” aka “A Chunk of Foundational Truth” https://youtu.be/rgqQKszU_38

7-5-20  Sunday Worship:  “The Gorilla in the Room”  https://youtu.be/x8DavQI8AnQ

6-28-20  Sunday Worship:  “Rewind, Reset, Resume”  https://youtu.be/X3esW2KY8O0

6-21-20  Sunday Worship:  “Ready or Not!”  https://youtu.be/7iimVNST5EY

6-14-20  Sunday Worship:  Living Gosepl Ministries  https://youtu.be/hK7sGKxZqpI

6-7-20 Sunday Worship:  “Micah Mandate” https://youtu.be/dhnrGRhT9zc

6-3-20 Prayer Meeting:  (still available to watch LIVE on Facebook, but this is our last recorded prayer meeting during our time of isolation.)  We are now back in our building!  https://youtu.be/dpg-JYfjFyo

5-31-20 Sunday Worship:  (is in 2 parts because of technical difficulties with volume) https://youtu.be/GlQP3zAivLI  

5-27-20 Prayer Meeting:  https://youtu.be/LIXwj95Col4

5-24-20 Sunday Sermon:  “Journey Through the Exile” https://youtu.be/fL0rP-_O6X0

Let’s sing along with Boone! https://youtu.be/M4Ec_qACMQI

5-20-20 Prayer Meeting https://youtu.be/nX09DaBlNs0

5-17-20 Sunday Sermon: “On Ramp to Exile” https://youtu.be/k–8yzu4iNM
Sing along with Boone!

5-13-20 Prayer  Meeting: https://youtu.be/HoxUk57I6YY

5-10-20 Sunday Sermon:  “My Momma Said”
Let’s sing along with Boone! https://youtu.be/RmR4sv6nvNU

5-6-20 Prayer Meeting: https://youtu.be/MRSysQUyUVQ

5-3-20 Sunday Sermon: “The Demus Dialogue” #3  https://youtu.be/zSwwfGDoFgE

4-29-20  Prayer Meeting:  https://youtu.be/QDldCORxpwI

4-26-20  Sunday Sermon: “The Demus Dialogue” #2  https://youtu.be/AM7Q2wBWzIo

4-22-20 Prayer Meeting:  https://youtu.be/nvUbHxofWQk

4-19-20 Sunday Sermon: “Demus Dialogue” #1  https://youtu.be/a962q33_B2M

4-15-20 Prayer Meeting  https://youtu.be/lzvrSufHA9s

4-12-20 Easter Sunday:   https://youtu.be/8Rlbwk1H9tI

4-9-20 Maundy Thursday:   https://youtu.be/Zosm3YrC_vc

Please enjoy this  hymn by Keith and Kristyn Getty, Stuart Townend:  https://youtu.be/uS7fc7VTJZs

4-5-20 Sunday Sermon:   https://youtu.be/aN01UGH5y6Q

A link to Joni Eareckson Tada and Laura Story’s contribution to the “Sing!” conference:  https://youtu.be/SEWIyqywX0Q

4-2-20 Prayer Meeting:   https://youtu.be/0QyMJ3XLhOM

3-29-20 Sunday Sermon:  The last few minutes were not recorded but Peggy’s notes are included in the “description box.”  https://youtu.be/9yuikTbGhwM

3-25-20 Prayer Meeting (volume UP):   https://youtu.be/LpBqw1ksI8c

3-22-20 Sunday Sermon: https://youtu.be/cis_AnO2zI4

3-18-20 Prayer Meeting: https://youtu.be/kurKj7lBR1w